Big Weekend

There’s some friends that I know
Living in this town and I’ve come far to see them.
Gonna track em’ down.
They live in a brick house painted white and brown.

Left a tip for the maid and I packed up my guitar,
Dropped my key on the counter, rented a car.
Gonna hook up with em’ later and go hit the bars.

I need a big weekend. Kick up the dust.
Yeah a big weekend.
If you don’t run, you rust.

Well I may shake your hand but I won’t know your name.
The joke in your language don’t come out the same.
There’s times when I’m down and there’s nothing to blame.

I need a big weekend.
Kick up the dust.
Yeah a big weekend.
If you don’t run, you rust.

I can work, I can travel, sleep anywhere,
Cross every border with nothing to declare.
You can look back babe, but it’s best not to stare.

I need a big weekend.
Kick up the dust.
Yeah a big weekend.
If you don’t run, you rust.

The DC Driving Tour

I have 3 acquaintances who visited DC in the last 3-8 years:

All drove.

Now, driving is -we’re repeatedly told…so much that I believe it’s auto-fuel lobbying to brainwash the proles

the national pastime.

-you thought it was baseball

But to drive into not only a large American city but a capital city, is to me, the hillbilly who’d rather ride a mule? Mental.

These 3 all bitched about driving, unexpected road / street rules, tolls, parking fees and finding parking at all. Only one had anything nice to say about her entire trip and that was: ‘I got to take pictures of everything!’

I’m hoping that somebody else was at the wheel, at the time, but I used to drive the truck from the passenger seat when The Duchess took curlers out of her hair in St. Louis when I was too short to reach the pedals. -hence steering from the passenger side

Where was I?

Oh. I hate to drive, which is quite the lark considering I drive across 3 counties, twice a day.

I shall be using DC’s Metro while there. Or that’s my plan. I have the taxi backup plan in my mind wherever I go (that has fairly-ready cabs) but haven’t needed one since we missed the last bus back in ’94.

I mentioned to AussieEmJay that back then, or at least where I was in France, you couldn’t pay by credit card–barely had enough cash that night and it would’ve been a long, cold, dark, 7 mile hike. I’m guessing they’ve got all that up to date, so I should be fine, so long as I’m not driving!

BirthWeek Swag’s rolling in

Got some candy and a balloon yesterday…


FS rang to verify I would NOT be at work the day before or after the Day of Our Lily (which falls upon a Saturday this year), which I know meant a floral delivery was intended. Might still get them but belatedly.

Then the post brought a card and gift box today!


In addition to Miss Lily Goes to Washington for the actual Feast of Ste. Lily, I’m still trying to not buy that Samsung Note 4 Nook, which I’ll probably find unavoidable! We’ll see. I should hold out for Black Friday.

less than a week til DC and MJ


I kept going on about my layovers…SHEE-IT. I looked at my itinerary and lo and behold: it’s like 55 minutes between flights. That’s tight for ATL. Doubt it’ll be a bother for Detroit unless it’s an early blizzard.

I’m told ATL is larger than O’Hare, which I sort of find hard to believe but having never been, we’ll see. I’ll be doing the 440m sprint, looks to be. You know I like to kick back at the Cantina and bullshit with travelling salesmen, too. Damn.

But MOST importantly, I’m going to be so excited to finally get to DC! -and meet AussieEmJay