The DC Driving Tour

I have 3 acquaintances who visited DC in the last 3-8 years:

All drove.

Now, driving is -we’re repeatedly told…so much that I believe it’s auto-fuel lobbying to brainwash the proles

the national pastime.

-you thought it was baseball

But to drive into not only a large American city but a capital city, is to me, the hillbilly who’d rather ride a mule? Mental.

These 3 all bitched about driving, unexpected road / street rules, tolls, parking fees and finding parking at all. Only one had anything nice to say about her entire trip and that was: ‘I got to take pictures of everything!’

I’m hoping that somebody else was at the wheel, at the time, but I used to drive the truck from the passenger seat when The Duchess took curlers out of her hair in St. Louis when I was too short to reach the pedals. -hence steering from the passenger side

Where was I?

Oh. I hate to drive, which is quite the lark considering I drive across 3 counties, twice a day.

I shall be using DC’s Metro while there. Or that’s my plan. I have the taxi backup plan in my mind wherever I go (that has fairly-ready cabs) but haven’t needed one since we missed the last bus back in ’94.

I mentioned to AussieEmJay that back then, or at least where I was in France, you couldn’t pay by credit card–barely had enough cash that night and it would’ve been a long, cold, dark, 7 mile hike. I’m guessing they’ve got all that up to date, so I should be fine, so long as I’m not driving!

BirthWeek Swag’s rolling in

Got some candy and a balloon yesterday…


FS rang to verify I would NOT be at work the day before or after the Day of Our Lily (which falls upon a Saturday this year), which I know meant a floral delivery was intended. Might still get them but belatedly.

Then the post brought a card and gift box today!


In addition to Miss Lily Goes to Washington for the actual Feast of Ste. Lily, I’m still trying to not buy that Samsung Note 4 Nook, which I’ll probably find unavoidable! We’ll see. I should hold out for Black Friday.

less than a week til DC and MJ


I kept going on about my layovers…SHEE-IT. I looked at my itinerary and lo and behold: it’s like 55 minutes between flights. That’s tight for ATL. Doubt it’ll be a bother for Detroit unless it’s an early blizzard.

I’m told ATL is larger than O’Hare, which I sort of find hard to believe but having never been, we’ll see. I’ll be doing the 440m sprint, looks to be. You know I like to kick back at the Cantina and bullshit with travelling salesmen, too. Damn.

But MOST importantly, I’m going to be so excited to finally get to DC! -and meet AussieEmJay

Capitol Calling

When I purchased my air tickets, 7 aeons ago, I went in for contacting the Right Honourable  Senator McCaskill of Missouri’s office to request tickets to visit ‘anything.’ That would mean: the White House, Capitol, Pentagon or Mint.

While I wasn’t keen to see any (maybe the Pentagon, to be honest), it’s one of those things–first time in the nation’s capital, ought to try.

I heard from the Senator’s office yesterday morning. They had approved passes to visit their office at the Capitol…for the week before I’ll be there. Oy.

I replied back that I was disappointed and I really was! I went from ‘Meh’ to ‘LOOKIE, I WON!’ to ‘Wah, they took away my shiny’ in one minute.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a completely different email:

Miss Lily Goes to Washington, part 2

Did I mention it’s ON MY BIRTHDAY?!

‘Sissy’s Stoopid! Hers don’t know the difference from a hedgehog…’

…and a Mole.’

BobbyDogReed has always had a Hedgehog toy since he came to #ElRanchoReedo.

The last year, Sissy scaled back due to 8 years w/o a raise, let alone cost of living.

He has been receiving MOLE toys, which Sissy refers to as ‘Hedgehog.’

Today, Bobby was playing in the yard with what looked to be ‘Hedgehog.’ Upon closer inspection,.-picking up with bare, Girl Hillbilly hands. . Sissy commenced with unadulterated giggling.

It was a REAL mole!