the Iron Lady

Not Thatcher…don’t get me going (and no, I’ve not seen the film, I lived through that time).

An introduction to my cast iron and their provenance. Perhaps not that cool but it’s a bit like Antiques Roadshow meets ::snore::


4 thoughts on “the Iron Lady

    • Lily says:

      It’s okay. Not as well-made as my more modern (50 or less years) stuff BUT I’d give it to you in a heartbeat–but not my antique! I love that my great-grandmother used that rough-looking one over 100 years ago.


  1. Laurie says:

    How cool! We always had a couple of those two. I think I might have one or two deep in my pantry. I should try cooking some time! 🙂 My dad was always fussy about not using harsh soap so as not to remove the natural oils & talked about oiling them so they wouldn’t get rusty.


    • Lily says:

      You actually GET iron in the food when you cook with cast iron. It’s healthy and things don’t stick but it’s healthier than teflon/non-stick coatings that come off and go into your food, too.


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