pizza-y loaves of happiness (meat-crust pizza)

This is not Paleo, nor is it Paleo for autoimmune. I’ve been so sick, I don’t care. (I’d apologize for yesterday’s raging rant but like all diseases people don’t ask for, cancer, diabetes and Celiac aren’t funny–I’m not highly advanced nor even nice).
This was easy to toss together, so it won–I’m not claiming this is healthy. It’s “not.”

(compared to what else you may have eaten, I can’t say; compared to what I normally choose for meals, it’s poor)

Chicken breasts (beat / sliced into bits to fit the “loaves”), added freshly-cracked black pepper, dried rosemary and sea salt.

“Baked” in my Brownie Factory for as long as it took to look done. I’ve been cooking for the whole family since age 8, so I never learnt temps. I haven’t killed anybody yet. I’d tell you my methodology but if you screw up, I don’t want the blame.

To my surprise, they released a lot of water, so I drained it (carefully–unplug first, yo). While they were cooking, I mixed 1C mozzerella/ romano/ provelone/ parmesan shreds (normally don’t do dairy but a bit of cheese now and then — can’t recall the last time, several months not counting last months debacle with sharp cheddar-eating it plain) with 1C beaten egg, then added 1T coconut flour. It made a thick glob. The BF was a lot cooler now, so I smooshed the cheesey batter in the spaces where the chicken had “drawn up” when cooking–saving back a few pinches.

Then, I spooned on 1T scant (that means “a bit less-than”) marinara sauce. You can make some by using tomato PASTE (thick, unsweetened, unseasoned) with spices tossed in/ on. I used some old garlic powder (no salt), more dried rosemary and basil. Then, came the PROCESSED FOOD EVIL of turkey pepperoni. I’ve had it forever in my freezer. I’m sick enough right now that if it makes me ill, I won’t be able to tell the difference.

I topped the sauce with with the pepperoni and then a tiny pinch of the cheese shred batter on top. Closed the lid, plugged it back in and kept checking so it wouldn’t burn.

All in all, it tastes pretty awesome. To make Paleo, leave out the cheese and turkey pepperoni (Paleo-ish people would still use them but I’m usually stricter!).


5 thoughts on “pizza-y loaves of happiness (meat-crust pizza)

  1. Laurie says:

    Looks tasty, Rant away whenever you feel like it. If you can’t rant here, where can you?

    Have at it. Hope you feel better. L, Laur


    • Lily says:

      Thanks, Laurie. I feel worse today than yesterday but that’s to be expected as being at work was the most out of bed I’d been in 5 days. I’ll come around. How you’re okay!


    • Lily says:

      Me, too! Thanks so much. I’m editing the post to include “nutrition” which I don’t normally do but this is a lot UNhealthier than my usual fare ;p

      It seems to take 2-3 weeks after a cc. It’s SO similar to a lupus episode that had I not done the nausea/ diarrhea, I’d not have known.


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