Gluten-free: Yorkshire Pudding


Yorkshire pudding is one of those things that a lot of people buy rather than make. It’s a quick bread, so it’s dead simple.

For those unfamiliar, it’s a sort of dinner roll that is airy and deflates into a bowl shape–wonderful for catching roast drippings! A many-years online friend sent me a link to a gluten free recipe. All the Yorkshire puddings I’ve met look like the one in their photo — or not as pretty 🙂 Mine, as you can see are decidedly different* as triangular shapes.

(I used a scone pan because it’s cast iron and I love any excuse to use my cast iron babies!)

Being Celiac, one of the things I’ve learned is makeover recipes of favorite foods almost always disappoint. This did not. It’s different from ‘normal’ but still nice.

* Other divergences: I used an all-purpose gluten-free mix that isn’t a favorite. I fall back on it when trying gluten-free makeover tests. My batter also required another teaspoon (level) of cornstarch (‘corn flour’ BE; I switch between AE and BE as I was raised by a quasi-Canadian). I also chose to use my favorite coconut oil, which has a high smoke temp — perfect! I cook almost exclusively with coconut oil for a couple of years now.

(shaky cam as I was trying to show them deflating–all were perfectly puffed up when I took them out about 10 seconds earlier)




2 thoughts on “Gluten-free: Yorkshire Pudding

    • Lily says:

      Usually pudding in BE is ‘desert.’ But YP is basically a roll 🙂 A hollow one that fills with gravy nicely 🙂

      Normally, you make them in a MUFFIN tin. I used my cast iron cos I love them. I’ve never seen triangular YPs before. I’m weird — but you knew that!


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