Dutch Mussels

I bought frozen mussels (living 1,000 miles from the nearest coast, you settle). Rather than fixing in any of the ways I normally do, there was a recipe on the back for ‘Mussels, Dutch-style.’

The package called for butter. Normally, I use coconut oil for cooking and EVOO from dressing veggies. I cannot eat dairy, even grass-fed, non-antibiotic, organic dairy.

I’m can’t recommend Earth Balance as something healthy but it’s my butter substitute.

Steam the mussels.

Here’s the sauce:

I used ~1T Earth Balance to sauté diced onions and big, fat garlic cloves with cracked black pepper. When translucent, I dumped in the mussels and added a few pieces of diced tomato and several dashes of Worcestershire sauce. I added a bit more sea salt and served on a bed of raw spinach.

It’s nice to try new things. My favorite part was all those garlic cloves (the recipe called for one—hahahaha ! I adore garlic but am supposed to avoid it (as well as tomatoes) as they’re lupus triggers.

I just realized something…That was Friday night. The whole weekend, I was miserable, thinking I’d caught something. Hrm. I can usually get away with some but there were as many cloves of garlic as mussels!


2 thoughts on “Dutch Mussels

    • Lily says:

      Thanks. I didn’t actually like it — prefer my usual means but I thought it was worth sharing since I’d never heard of it like this!


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