Ugh. I think that I may delete this account. I’ve mentioned that I run another blog (under my real name). Heck, I may delete it next week. You never know.

I’ve been blech for about a year here! I came over from Vox in 08 due to technical issues. Over the last 2 years, I deleted most of the posts from a couple of years prior.

A few of my old cronies are on Twitter or Google+. I’m on there more than here (although less lately with just so.effing.much to do).

My point is: I’m not happy with this blog.

It used to be fun and sometimes informative (wot?!). Now, I’m lucky if I post a Bobby blurb. That’s sad. I don’t like MTWP anymore and haven’t for a long time. I’ll keep my Twitter handle and anybody who knows me IRL can find my other blog: (my real name is four characters for given name and four characters for family name). You can also find me on google+ by searching my real name. I’m not very active on there but you can reach me.

I need to shake off this old, crusty blog. I need change. Mostly this week (only 2 days but it feels like 4!) has been crazy-busy but we had a full 90 minute lull where I had nothing to do. I went through the media gallery and grabbed some pics. I also put a couple of pieces that weren’t necessarily great but I wanted to remember over on google+ (restricted access).

I may need a blogcation. I’ve done this over the years: delete a blog and then 2-6 months later, reincarnate.

I get this way towards the end of the year, too. It’s when I get all new-starty. Samhain marks the end of the year to me. The past few weeks feel like a new year in my heart.


23 thoughts on “blogfatigue

  1. I totally understand. You may have noticed I’ve not been as active online anywhere lately. I just don’t feel into things right now, however I still want to be supportive of folks who’ve supported me.


    • It has been doing that 2 years.

      I mean I pop in but I don’t think you ever saw my old stuff. I had years of truly trying to be creative! I haven’t done that in years.


  2. I feel the exact same way! My blog is very uninteresting right now, when I even make time to post to it, and I feel bad for my friends and family who take the time to read it. Boring. Unimportant. Trivial. Those are my keywords for everything.

    I’m in support of letting it sit, simply because there’s been SO MANY TIMES I’ve looked back on my old blog posts for one reason or another. Its no fun to look at the bad times, I understand that sentiment.


    • You’re smart to do that — keeping. You also back up stuff!

      I’m the delete queen so for 2 years, NONE of my old stuff (when I used to TRY) has existed. These 2 years were blah and now ? It’s got nothing of the old/ good times and nothing new/ good.

      My habit of junking came from losing (due to them, not me) years of blogs twice when service went down.

      It taught me to not be attached but now I kind of wish I had the old stuff, even if off-line.


  3. Well, things change, interest levels change…only recently, I looked at my WP blog and realized how little I’ve been doing on here, and I’ve been fiddling with it more to see if I can rekindle my interest. The WP backup feature is pretty great if you want to delete stuff but hang onto your own copy of it. You still have to deal with pics manually, though. Good vibes with however you proceed.


    • I’ve run the other blog for a long time. I’m still keeping it but see no reason to do anything with this one–I tried to ‘rest’ a couple years & that proved it’s just not me anymore. I’m still mad as a hatter & still an aunt, just not wanting this a-here thing.


  4. Reinventing is never a bad thing. Maybe it could just be All Bobby All The Time — I jest, I jest, sort of.

    Just don’t disappear completely! I love our interactions!


  5. I understand your ‘fatigue’…..I’m going through a bout of it at the moment as most of the friends who moved across from Vox have either stopped blogging or moved somewhere else. If you kill this blog I’ll come visit you at the other one…..a little more regularly when I get over my current blog-malaise.


  6. 1petermcc says:

    Will we still be getting Bobby updates on YouTube?

    FaceBook has cut into my blogging something fierce.


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