What’s it look like? Body Fat %

My favorite topic! Well, sort of. It’s my favorite measure of health. Obviously, there are others: *

  • fasting blood sugar
  • blood pressures
  • cholesterol (triglycerides, HDL & LDL)
  • clothing sizes (a bit arbitrary)
  • total body mass (‘scale weight’ which is completely arbitrary)

This article is very, very nice because it offers graphics and explanations that we can easily understand. I stumbled upon it, looking up graphics. Also included are photos of models (not just the drawrings I’m skiving).

body fat percentage women

body fat percentage men


* I’ll be having 4 hours of testing on my heart (after working 1/2 day). Wish me luck on those measures of health!


2 thoughts on “What’s it look like? Body Fat %

    • Lily says:

      I’m REALLY hoping they say, ‘Get outta here, you!’

      My GP (when I told her all the stuff the hospital said) was like, ‘pfft. Not with your cholesterol and BP.’


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