that’s not a bruise

not a bruise blue markerI do/ say/ think/ am-done-to a lot of silly shite.

I get a 30 minute lunch break. On it, I do a 25 minute meditation every day. When I’m on the ranch, I don’t need to meditate. Not seeing people, being able to walk around nekkid if I please, is relaxation enough!

I came in and a theCad approached our small group discussion (slackers). He lightly grabbed my wrist and started coloring a rectangle. I assumed that it was Christmas-related because we were talking about Christmas festivities. At some point, he looked up. ‘Aren’t you going to stop me?’

‘I was waiting to see what you were drawing.’

‘Oh. I just wanted to hear you yell at me.’

‘You know I just came in from meditating, I’m relaxed. I honestly don’t care if you draw on my arm.’

heidelberg offset printing press

heidelberg offset printing press

Another coworker looked over. ‘That’s a Sharpietko total knock out cleanser. They’re permanent. Get ready to wear that a while.’

I went into the press room and used MasterMike’s TKO. It wasn’t a total knock out. I was still tagged. I reckon in a couple of days it’ll be gone.


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