Banana Oat ‘cookies’

both kinds!

both kinds!

I finally tried Cassey Ho’s (blogilates) recipe. Naturally, I didn’t actually follow it! I did 2 runs:

Vanilla & Cinnamon Banana Oat Smoosh:
• 1 small to medium RIPE banana
• 1C rolled oats (GF if you’re Celiac)
• 1T ground cinnamon
• 1t vanilla extract (GF …)

Smoosh togethwr and make flat circles on pan of choice (I used my ancient cast iron Le Creuset, which isn’t a normal choice! Just use something that won’t stick).

Bake at 350F / til done…that’s what you get for reading. Hillbilly’s blog!

Chocolate Banana Oat Smoosh
• 1 small-medium RIPE banana
• 1C rolled oats (yaddayadda)
• 4T Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder (mine’s from Trader Joes)

Same baking as above.

I prefer the taste of the chocolate version. Anybody who has used that product knows it’s gritty (even with thorough blending) and not exactly delicious ‘chocolate.’ It works well here, though! I chose it over baking cocoa cos I thought protein would be good in this NATURALLY SUGAR-FILLED Smoosh 🙂


8 thoughts on “Banana Oat ‘cookies’

    • Lily says:

      All sugars, though! Be sure yours aren’t high or you’ll go comatose. Mum wouldn’t even try cos she’s having such a hard time with hers running high.


    • Lily says:

      They are CRAZY SWEET, so bear in mind! The cinnamon I added wasn’t enough. I preferred the protein powder one but that’s definitely not a SWEET type.


  1. Laurie says:

    finally made these although used a T of vanilla (too much). they were great & I’ll make them again.


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