What? You’re still here, too?

(If you can’t handle humor — and I’m big on parody — then don’t play along here! Humor is how we make it through life. Laugh when you can!)

Thank goodness we’re still here. I have a small sing-song this evening 🙂

As usual, our Australians are keeping their senses of humor!

This was made for the End of the World back in May of 2011. A lot of effort went into it, so we may as well recycle for December 2012!

Jesus in a jet pack? Camping huffing on a…water-pipe?


4 thoughts on “What? You’re still here, too?

  1. I’m proud that our political leaders occasionally engage in this sort of foolishness…..it invariably results in better polling results.
    Do we get a video of your sing-song? 🙂


    • Lily says:

      I’ve not practiced all year AND have a broken index (fret board) finger. You MAY but it will be no gift 🙂


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