Today’s tip: Warranties and Winter Driving

Check your warranties, particularly the extended ones. I’m long on extended (see? That’s a pun) warranties. I’ve only gotten the fuzzy end twice! And I’m old!

My out-dated iMac had a couple of ‘small’ issues. I knew AppleCare was running out the first quarter of 2013. I made an appointment last week for TODAY. I hadn’t planned on a snow storm 😦 I dragged Mum in (not hard to do, being cooped up for months makes her eady to roll if somebody’ll drive!) almost all the way to the city of St. Louis in father’s big 4×4.

Good thing cos out where I live, we got it worse and … Never mind that now.

Ends up those small things were indicative of BIG THINGS. The worker (I didn’t ask) was dramatic, eyes-wide, big nods. ‘Good thing you brought this in NOW!’

Check your big ticket shizzle.

Back to the slippery slope:

I’d have made it home quicker but mum decided she NEEDED (seriously, STRESS THAT) new boots. Traipsing the mall we did go…

She’s nervous and I’m high strung…I’d have been nominally nervous about not being able to see 2 car lengths ahead with shovelling snow upon us and icy slush under the vehicle but for her ‘help.’

One example: turning into QuikTrip, there was a box truck stopped. I thought he was waiting to make a left turn but then he kicked up his hazard lights. There are 2 lanes to my right (I was in the left turn lane). All I had to do was let all the other vehicles pass, then pass him on the right to make a left in front of him (which is a bit odd but you do what you have to do when somebody is broken down, don’t you?).

I waited with right turn signal on, eyeing mirrors…

Mum screeches, ‘He’s sliding backwards on the ice!’

I’m not sure what I said but I’m fairly certain it included the f word…when I recovered from a 3 second mini-panic attack.

I’ve had panic attacks (said I’m high strung). I felt my consciousness slip out of gear and considered screaming along with mum. Then, I realized that was self-indulgent. I was at the steering wheel for Pete’s sake. I decided to save the hysterics for later, when I was in a warm place with a whiskey in my hand and a toilet nearby. You know, somewhat dignified.

Good thing cos as it stood? The truck hadn’t moved. 

I was nervous in general from the drive. When I realized that we were behind a stuck truck on a steep grade, I was more nervous. When mum began ‘helping,’ I about lost it.

I recovered and later lost it — on her, as was well-deserved. I shouted clarified to her that shrieking falsehoods at me whilst driving in a snow storm wasn’t conducive to my driving and her health.

Happy New Year’s Eve, babies!


6 thoughts on “Today’s tip: Warranties and Winter Driving

  1. Things have a way of breaking when they are just past the warranty period… I’m typing this on an elderly Mac laptop which has been repaired twice (one warranty one out of) and now the screen has started a weird fluttering when it wakes from sleep.

    Driving on ice is terrifying enough without someone “helping” . When I’m walking through ice I don’t want anyone even talking to me – all my concentration is on not falling over and breaking something.

    Happy New Year Lily.


    • Lily says:

      Happy New Year!

      I hollered at her a few minutes later. She shouted back and I countered. Pretty funny but yikes.


  2. I find driving under normal conditions takes up all of my attention. I admire you guys driving on snow and ice. That’s a whole different kettle of skating. 🙂


    • Lily says:

      Indeed! I’ve never claimed to be a ‘good driver’ either!

      Later, when we slid sideways on our own road (ahem!), I was fine cos I knew nobody else would be involved and we’re relatively flat there. Worst would be hitting a tree. Nothing I’ve not done before! 😎


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