Steak. It’s what’s for breakfast and lunch

Lots-a-Spicy Steak Salad

I don’t like steak, never have — which is odd for somebody who grew up on a working ranch.

(at this point, it’s a by-line)

I still eat it now and then to mix things up. I got this non-freakly-raised steak and seasoned it up, leaving it sit overnight.

  1. As always, I’m guessing about measurements as I ‘granny-cook’

Lots-a-Spicy Steak Salad

  • 1/4C lime juice
  • freshly-cracked black pepper, lots
  • orange peel, enough to minimally season
  • ground cinnamon, enough that you no longer see steak or previous spices
  • cumin, to taste
  • no salt

I grilled this (pre-heated grill) doing the one way, then the other for cross-hatch (dunno what that’s called — I’m not gourmet here) then finished it in the oven. Personally, I prefer rare to medium rare but I made this well-done as I made them as leftovers.

I cooked it this morning, hoping for a freshest lunch but forgot it! Luckily, I couldn’t finish my breakfast (ahem, the same thing — I’m boring) and had a nibble for later.

As you can tell, I call anything drizzled, dumped or plopped on a bowl of mixed greens as ‘salad!’


7 thoughts on “Steak. It’s what’s for breakfast and lunch

  1. Cinnamon on steak?! Well, I never!
    I kinda wanna try it, but I’m a little bit nervous. Hmmm…
    When you say orange peel, are you talkin’ zest? I’ve never done any zesting. I think I should get a zester. Also, I like the word “ZEST!”


    • Lily says:

      Zest and you can dry it to store! Use a potato peeler or even grater (be careful to barely get the peel, no pith). The cinnamon idea I got from a totally different recipe but it was like, ‘cinnamon on MEAT?’ I tried it on steak since I don’t like it anyway. I won’t do it again but I’ll try other meats!


  2. I would eat steak all the time if i could.

    Actually, that used to be true. We’ve cut so much meat out of our diets that when I have something rich like steak, I only want a little, or else it sends me for a loop too much.


    • Lily says:

      I was vegetarian for almost 17 years. It was a tough transition back to meat a few years ago. I still hate steak!

      Since I’ve learned so much about the foods that harm me (and are tough on most humans), I very rarely eat more than a couple T legumes. I relied on them my whole life but no longer. t-r-o-u-b-l-e! I miss the flavor, though. I also miss Krispy Kreme doughnuts but not enough to make myself sick for god-knows-how-long. I got cross-contaminated going on 2 weeks ago with a cup of COFFEE. I’m still sick, sick, sick. That wasn’t taking a BITE, just some microscopic speck. Boo!


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