Almost 4, Bobby’s learning to ride

Bobby is afraid of most things. I’ve trained him out of claustrophobia; he wouldn’t go into a crate, the doghouse (which is larger than some children’s playhouses) and our house.

I trained him to ‘load up’ in the back of the 4×4, my car’s hatch and finally the backseat.


That’s ‘can’t we just sit here and pretend’ face.

Last week, he figured out that sticking his head out the window is remarkable. It pacifies him between crying spells. See? He can be my copilot in another year or so!


6 thoughts on “Almost 4, Bobby’s learning to ride

  1. Good job, Bobby! My BFF has a big dog who is afraid to get in the car. He’s also afraid to be left alone, so my friend can’t go anywhere with him, or without him, except where she can take him on walks (luckily for her survivial, she works from home). He has so constrained her life in the 9 months since she’s had him.


    • Lily says:

      He’s a rescue from a kill shelter (had one day left). He’s super-sweet (we’ve had scores of dogs on the ranch) but this is a different thing, far different, from all the others. He’s a constant source of hilarity, though. Earns his extra-keep!


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