Zippity Doo Da Smoothie

This started as an iced coffee that went astray…


coffee cubescoffee smoothieI made a couple cups of coffee and froze it in an ice cube tray, then put the coffee cubes in a ziploc baggy for future use.


I poured 2 cups of unsweetened, plain-arsed coconut milk over about 6 cubes and processed. It was very thin.

I also had a pint of frozen sliced banana (about 2 medium) in the freezer. ‘Can I mix banana and coffee?’

It seemed reasonable that chocolate and banana are delicious and chocolate and coffee are mochalicious, so I added 4 tablespoons of Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder. It was STILL thin…which was unexpected, so I added chia seeds (they turn gelatinous when soaked).

It was still thin. ::sigh:: I decided to taste it. The mixture was pretty bitter. I don’t mind bitter but meh. I added one scoop (they’re TINY) of stevia extract (not cut with fillers) and that made it tolerable. It was so tolerable that I downed 3/4 of the mixture even though it was about 20 ounces. As expected by hemp protein users and those who’re aware of chia seeds, it was quite grainy. Since I’m used to both, it was fine. If I ever do it again, I think the coconut milk could be totally skipped!

This sucker is full of banana (sweetness), chia and coconut healthy fats, hemp protein and CAFFEINE-Y coffee.


2 thoughts on “Zippity Doo Da Smoothie

    • Lily says:

      Unfortunately ‘hemp protein’ chocolate is gritty and not tasty BUT the coffee and banana certainly were 🙂


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