flights of fancy

More postcards!

Some of you may recall that I started a postcard ‘ring’ back in 2006 on a different blog. I’ve loved giving and receiving postcards since I was a little girl, though. I’ve told a fib. I never got any as a child. My mother and Old Helen(like a grandmother, her property abutted ours, we shared grazing lands, firewood, produce from garden, vineyards, etc.) got postcards and I would beg to look through them over and over.

This week, I received a fairy and an old redhead from one redhead to my redhead!


ImageThanks to Laurie …






Laurie (Canada) also sent a sheet of .60 stamps, which helps. Interestingly…since I normally send postcards — and I buy directly from the counter at the Post Office, I looked up what I’ll need to pop them up to the standard rate. 

My post office has been charging me .85 to mail A POSTCARD to Canada. Erm…Per USPS, first class large postcard = .46 and normal postcards should be .33.


I’ve been gouged, I say, I say!

And USPS cries that nobody uses them anymore? Well, I’ve been regularly paying MORE THAN DOUBLE. I just said a very bad word that starts with a c and ends with mostly consonants…with one vowel.

ANYWAY I still love to send and receive postcards, even if they have to go through the USPS, who are obviously villains.



12 thoughts on “flights of fancy

    • Lily says:

      Thank you, yes! I only knew that the Cuba (from Cuba) didn’t come but of course you mailed one when you got back home that you’d brought a stack with you.

      When I lived in France, apparently, of the say…100 postcards I sent, about TWENTY made it. I blamed France because almost none of them were going to where my parents live (which has its own delivery issues).


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