Deconstructed candy bar

•Young coconut (20g)
•Dried cherries (20g)
•Dried blueberries (20g)
•Raw Almonds (8 count)

It’s SOOOOO sweet and delicious! Of course it’s very high in natural sugars, so if that’s a problem for you, treat it like you would any candy bar.


deconstructed candy bar


4 thoughts on “Deconstructed candy bar

    • Lily says:

      I find nuts are hard to not eat a bunch of but I eat RAW only and that sort of helps. This is SO sweet that it sort of evens out the desire for nuts, too. For me, anyway!


      • I eat only raw nuts except peanuts which I don’t like. I count out 30 raw almonds when I get home as my pre-dinner snack (probably killing my fat quota for the day but better than a chunk of cheese 🙂 )


        • Lily says:

          Num! Macadamia nuts are dear but very healthy fat if you like them (I buy roasted no salt on those, though!).


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