postcard: From FatCat to Bobby

So sweet!


FatCat says she meant to send this when Bobby got beaten up by a pack of coyotes. It was worse than you can tell from this:


The important part is how B received it.

When I buy shoes, for example, I’ll sit down two pair that I’m undecided about and B tells me which to take back (sniffs and makes a disgusted sound) or keep (sniffs and ‘kisses’).

Look closely and you can see what he thought about h


12 thoughts on “postcard: From FatCat to Bobby

  1. I remember when that happened to sweet Bobby.
    Our neighbor’s dog was attacked by something a couple weeks ago. Her wound was large, 8+ inches I’d guess. We do have coyotes around, so that is what is assumed got her.


    • Lily says:

      How terrible! Coyotes only attack in packs. On their own, they’re scaredies.

      A wound to the hindquarter is most common as they draw attention and then others attack from behind.

      His hole was moderately-sized but it dug deeply into the muscle. As I tried to doctor him, my fingers slipped INSIDE (totally by accident). Rude awakening of how bad it was in there but possibly good for the knowing.


  2. Laurie says:

    I never knew about it. I’m glad he got through it ok. A lot small animals disappear from yards in the Atlanta suburbs.


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