A Pretty! (this blogging thing finally paid)

I gots me a pretty! This is fun. I’ve written about Josie Spinardi’s audiobook and youtube channel, including this post…which Ms. Spinardi commented on this week!

As one would expect from her videos and audiobook, her email was kind, supportive and funny. She’s my kinda friend! (except we don’t know one another)

JOSIE spinardi ebookIn addition to her audiobook, which I truly found helpful for emotional eating; it’s not a diet, she is releasing an ebook. As she said: it’s pretty! 🙂 See the pokey-dots?!

(cutesy orthography intended)

She sent me one free! Oh, how I adore free-mail! I love books! I love snail mail (postcards)! Just SEND me things, for goodness sake! 

(bear in mind, if I don’t like it, I’m brutally honest)

It’s available for Kindle and if you’re like some people I know, you use Calibre* software to render any ebook Any Ereader Friendly.

If I were eating that cupcake, it would be gluten-free and made with Gram’s frosting recipe. (and ultimately delicious…nobody knows what it’s made from except ANGEL’S HALOS AND UNICORN FRINGE)


* Seriously, it’s freeware but I’ve sent the dude money.


4 thoughts on “A Pretty! (this blogging thing finally paid)

  1. Lily, once again, you light up my life. So, not only can I get this book, which I think I really need, but if I use Calibre (which is free) I can get it for my Nook? Awesome!


    • Lily says:

      The book is a lot cheaper (ebook) than audio BUT you’ll miss out on Josie’s fun (which is in the writing but reading is one delivery, speaking is another!).

      Calibre is astoundingly helpful and POWERFUL. I don’t even use 90% of its tools. I came to it as a 1E Nook user. The interface was CLUNKY on those 1st ones! Simple Touch was better but still a pain to search. Calibre meant I didn’t need to bother.

      Nook HD is very easy to navigate but I still back everything up in Calibre and do the odd conversion:)


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