World’s Hardest Sudoku or a Lannister Lion

Obviously. This puzzle popped up on the Science community in Google+

hardest sudoku

lannister lion

That’s how my brain registers.

Could be from reading A Storm of Swords last week…plus that whole ‘doesn’t do numbers.’ Example: foster sister asked how long ago I was in grade 6. Since we were on the phone, I waited til she sorted it out. See? Happy as a Lannister Lion.


4 thoughts on “World’s Hardest Sudoku or a Lannister Lion

  1. Interesting reading, especially since I was working on a sudoku puzzle solver myself. I programmed an Excel sheet to help me in solving puzzles.Basically, it has two grids, one for the actual puzzle, the other to the right of it, a puzzle solver has number possibilities for each square in the puzzle. If a number has been entered in the puzzle, it blacks out the solver square. No need to see what’s already solved. Next, as they discuss in the article, it’s a simple matter of eliminating what a cell cannot be. There are nine cells assigned in the solver for each cell in the puzzle. Every one it cannot be is blanked out, leaving only possible choices.

    The next logic level checks by 3×3 square for any number already used in that grid and blanks those as well. This is the level to which I currently have it programmed now. Next logic level will check for any number in a grid that is the last of it’s number. If you have four cells open yet and only one of them has the option to be the number one, that cell must be the number one. I played with the hardest to solve puzzle in my sheet and it took me 40 minutes to finish it correctly. I jumped ahead of myself and had to start over once. All in all, a very good test for my logic.


    • Lily says:

      The way you describe your Excel sheet sounds like the explanation of when I first read about Sudoku a few years ago (when ppl at work starting carrying in books).

      It’s not my thing but I know it’s VERY popular. If it’s fun, cool!


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