Snow, pretty snow!

I just checked the St. Louis news (we’re a couple of hours from Lambert/ STL-proper).

Two 18 wheelers jack-knifed further SW (I live SW), so it would seem we’ve got it worse here. St. Charles opened their EOC (emergency services), too. We often get similar weather to them, although they’re north of STL. Kind of a funny ‘soul sister’ situation, weather-wise anyway!

At 9 hours into it, we have 11″ and expect another 12 hours of snow, although it has slowed.

It’s pretty, Bobby’s delighted and I don’t know how I can possibly get to work, although Fenton apparently only got 5″! It’s going through 3 counties to GET there that’s the trick!

This isn’t a big snow for higher altitudes or up north but it’s a decent fall for the Ozarks.

Spring snows are expected through March here. While expected, they’re usually only a couple of inches, just enough to make spring’s early blooms extra-lovely as they’re shown off by a blanket of white.

This snow, however, has buried them!

Spring snows always have the possibility of being bigger, as the ‘power’ of spring weather can fuel them. It’s now when we often get ‘thunder snow,’ which packs a whollop.

It’s 30 seconds of snow (camera a bit weave-y as I was panting from dragging through snow that went over my boots as I moved!) and a frolicking Bobby.


12 thoughts on “Snow, pretty snow!

  1. This same amount wouldn’t be a biggie for us (in fact, we had 8 inches yesterday from the same storm as it rolled through Colorado), but not because it isn’t significant. It’s because it’s so much dryer, and a few minutes of sunshine usually melts it off of pavement. It stays on the grass longer, of course. But the intensity of our sunshine, even if it’s only a few minutes, really melts it quickly. I was out yesterday running errands in the height of the snow, with my newly-not-quite-healed leg and had no problems. In Missouri? I’d have not dared go out! My dad is in St. Charles county and he reports over 12 inches of snow by dinner time, with it still coming down. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, although I’ve heard the roads aren’t all that bad since it’s been so warm lately much of the roads are melting. Kind of like us…


    • Lily says:

      You’re right. Foster-sis lives in Denver and doesn’t bother staying in cos she says in about 4 hours, even if it’s still coming down, the DOT takes care of things WELL. That doesn’t happen here on top of the non-go-awayness of snow.

      My report there was 17h (5PM) it continued snowing and is still coming down but now it’s baby flurries that only seem to make it hard to see, not contributing to accumulation anymore.


  2. Sheila says:

    Very and Bobby seems to like it. You be wise and careful! I’m not a snow driver, California girl and all.


    • Lily says:

      There was no driving the way it WAS Sunday! In town, they get better DOT coverage and when I say ‘better’ I mean ANY. They work their way out to us, if they remember ;p


    • Lily says:

      He plays and plays and plays and plays. He likes bigger snows but even an inch will get him super-silly 🙂


  3. So pretty!
    I hope you either stay home, or have no problems getting to work. It’s fun to have a snowstorm now and then. 🙂


    • Lily says:

      I called OUT, then they did the road (we, of course, have to do our OWN private road but county needs to do county…). So, I made it 2 hours late. There were 8 vehicles that ran off the road on my way but MODOT is doing their thing.

      I won’t be able to get HOME but almost, maybe 1/2 mi.


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