Bobby the Valiant

While we all know Bobby the Action Pup is Special…

He is a rescue from a kill shelter

While physically perfect in every way, himses has PTSD

We’ve worked on so much to make him comfortable and ‘normal’ that I forget how far he has come! To avoid boring you, I’ll skip the highlight reel…

I’ll say that I’ve always maintained his Superpower is: Sweetness.

Then, when Brother got good and drunked up and started dwarf-tossing me (note: being tossed about is more painful than it sounds, let alone with spine damage)? Bobby Saved Sissy. He bit (not evil-dog-tearing but nipX8) Brother til Brother dropped me and ran away–and didn’t come back. ‘He really bit me!’ I said, ‘He’s a good dog. He stopped the person hurting me.’

Bobby Loves Brother, by the way. Just don’t hurt Sissy!

Last night, Bobby saved me again!

I grew up on this ranch. I’ve never seen this type of snake before and I grew up catching snakes for fun and have been bit by venomous snakes, too!

This was the meanest spirited, cantankerous, VILE BITCH of a snake I’ve ever met. He struck scores of times (not hitting me but I wasn’t wearing boots as I should have done). When the snake began rattling, I started running to the barn. By the time I came back with a hoe, Bobby had bit him a few times and he was subdued (the snake).

My elderly father wouldn’t let me kill the snake (IMO a mercy killing at this point) as we don’t have an ID on it. I wrapped it around the hoe several times and put it on the bank of the lagoon (away from Bobby). I’m not sure what breed it was but it was seriously THE MOST aggressive snake I’ve met, which scared the crap out of me cos even venomous snakes just want to be left alone!

Anyway, this makes Bobby Saved Sissy II.


10 thoughts on “Bobby the Valiant

    • Lily says:

      Clueless! That snake was CRAZY striking but B didn’t get bit. The snake got it when I turned to run get a hoe. I guess B saw me run and thought Sissy needed her brave soldier!


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