Flora: wildflowers

20130418 wildflowers.jpgThese are amazingly fragrant, as you’d expect!

I only pick when there are loads more or you’d see a wider variety (over-harvesting could ruin the ‘colony’).

Last night’s walk showed many ‘pop ups’ from the insanely-hot day (for spring). It was 90F/ 30C. Tomorrow’s low will be nearer freezing — although we don’t expect it, we could still get a hard freeze!

This high temp belongs in July but here it is! Tree frogs (extremely loud, unlike the joyous noise of spring peepers) are coming out, Mayapples and Dogwood peeked out and a WASP!


6 thoughts on “Flora: wildflowers

    • Lily says:

      Honestly don’t know but they’re about 8 inches tall, inch across (ish) bloom. They smell of lilacs to my non-sommelier nose.


      • Cool! I knew it looked like my phlox, but mine has almost prickly foliage.
        I remember picking the Hairy Buttercup for my mom one year for Mother’s Day.


        • Lily says:

          This is on about an 8″ stem with 2 leaves, directly opposite one another, on the stem, about 2/3 up towards flower.

          The Hairy Buttercup is so pretty cos it’s like…waxy/ shiny!


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