dog eat dog

I was cleaning out bins that have stored sundries out in the new barn (probably 20-ish years old).

I knew there were two dollies (a Rub-a-Dub Baby and a life-sized doll given by Old Helen, who was a doll collector — it’s probably worth something or used to be before it suffered horrible lack-of-care issues). When I didn’t recall was the plush toy.

plushy dog grade 2


I got this in grade 2 and I’m not sure who gave it to me but I can say my mother didn’t believe in plushy toys and those dolls mentioned above weren’t actually meant to be played with — but posed to be seen in a little girl’s room.

Any time I dared ask for anything, I was told ‘other children go without and are you done stripping bark off those logs for fencing?’ (do not think I’m joking — it could easily have also been, ‘go pick out 5 hens and dress them out;’ dressing out does not mean putting them in costumes, it meant cutting their heads off, plucking feathers, gutting and taking those bits to slop the hogs before bringing in the ‘dressed out’ chicken for food prep).

Where was I?

I had this plushy! I’d forgotten about him! I don’t recall his name but he’s wearing a red yarn contrivance that’s supposed to safely ‘leash’ him. I vaguely recall dragging him behind me with it and the part I recall clearly is getting in trouble at school with him! Being grade 2, I kept playing with him. The teacher made me put him in my desk but I kept checking on him. I had to sit on the floor the rest of the day. I recall this was the greatest thing EVER cos I went un-yelled-at the whole day what-with being unseen (on the floor).

Bobby jealous plushy toyI showed plushy dog to Bobby but he was jealous and tried to rip himses guts out, so I had to put it away. Do you see a resemblance, though? How weird is that?!

(I realized after uploading, you can’t really tell but B’s a yellow lab with GOLDEN BROWN ears…that don’t show so great here)

I mean, I’ve had scores of dogs!



4 thoughts on “dog eat dog

    • Lily says:

      Bobby has tried to kill other peoples’ dogs, so I’m saying no to real dogs and truly he tries to tear apart (with great joy) anything furry. It’s his thing. He’s GREAT with people, though.


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