vintage vinyl (Lily’s Scratchy Records*)

There’s still a record store called Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, although it’s not the original shop. They moved into the old Walgreens back in (I think) the late 1980s. The original VV was a favorite hangout. It had hardly any space to squeeze through if somebody else was in the rat-track between stacks. And hey, I was a much skinnier broad-lette back then, too!

Anyhoozles. Some of the vinyl below was purchased there. I can only tell if the sticker says so. I have only one clear memory of a purchase from these photos. I used to buy something now and then on a whim. The Transvision Vamp vinyl was chosen based upon the dude on the cover trying so fecking hard to look like Sid Vicious. It cracked me up. I was like, ‘Dude! Alright, already. I’ll buy your shit album. Hope it’s better than shit…” I didn’t care for it — neither did anybody I knew at the time.

I don’t remember that but I know one thing about these extant LPs:

I was late to replacing vinyl with CDs because I didn’t have loads of money (CDs could cost like $40 back then and that was back then. I guess that’s like saying $60 now…Anyway, point is:

As I upgraded to digital, I gave away my albums (nobody would pay money for old vinyl then).

These discs only exist because they had NO TAKERS.

The LPs and EPs were shoved into boxes that have huddled behind a sofa in the tack room (climate-controlled) of a barn for years and years!

Apparently, nobody else liked Duran Duran:

duran duran 1 duran duran 2 duran duran 3

This is a mixture of my stuff and Brother’s. The Martin Mull and Disco Bill, for example, aren’t mine. Take note of the fabu local bands: Mama’s Pride and Head East. Laibach (covering Beatles songs) was an hilarious find, too.

miscellaneous vinyl albums 1 miscellaneous vinyl albums 2 miscellaneous vinyl albums 3 miscellaneous vinyl albums 4

* I borrowed the by-line from Bob’s Scratchy Records. I highly recommend (listen online if you’re not a local!). They’re the only radio station worth listening to and what you get at any given time is completely different music styles. As they say, ‘All of the hits, none of the time.’


The image below are my mother’s albums. In that box was also a bisection of a tree (cut so you see the rings of the tree) with a painting of Jesus knocking on a door and two candle sticks. Treasures, all, I suppose.

mum's albums


2 thoughts on “vintage vinyl (Lily’s Scratchy Records*)

  1. I wish I’d known that there would eventually be a “market” for 60s-70s-80s vinyl!! Of course, that would have meant carting boxes of albums around to all the different places that I’ve lived over the past few decades, and those boxes were HEAVY!

    Actually, the records I regret losing the most were my dad’s old big band 78s.


    • Lily says:

      I *seriously* thought vinyl was OVER. I’m telling you: gave it awayyyyyyy. These are just the things nobody would take (for FREE). Ugh. I wish I had Gram’s hifi! The 78s were cool, too. She was my MOTOWN influence. I loved music from the 40s but she didn’t own those — only sang them!


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