‘You should’ve been in the Emergency Room!’

Sayeth the Doctor.

Oops. Who knew?

The thing with having chronic pain and growing up being beaten like a pro-hockey player is I have this thing where I ignore pain. A while back, I was surprised to see a blister on my toe. Remember that? It’s not that I didn’t feel it. I felt something. I just didn’t bother to even look at it. ::shrugs::

This is something that I have to be fairly vigilant about because it’s not in my nature to respond. It’s automatic to not notice or if I notice, to immediately ignore. It’s not like I think, ‘AIE!!! Oh, stop being a whiner.’ No. I think, ‘Eh.’ And that’s it.

yukon cornelius

yukon cornelius

Last year, when I went to Denver, Colorado, all my well-meaning friends (especially who know I’m mental) warned me to drink lots of water to counter-act/avoid Altitude Sickness.

I drink about 3L of water a day anyway. And I drink several cups of tea (with unsweetened soya). I drank more water, following their advice.

The way I described it was that I ‘lost’ about a day and a half to not feeling great, so much so, that I planned in extra time so I could have more ‘good time’ there this year!

My buddy told me to get a prescription for acetazolamide. I went to the doctor and said, ‘My friend said if I take this, I won’t have to miss days from my visit.’

She asked what I meant by ‘miss days.’ I gave her my symptoms. She glared at me and said, ‘You should have been in the ER.’

My eyes bugged out. ‘REALLY?’

‘You had severe pulmonary edema, quite probably cerebral edema. You should never feel like that — ever. You could’ve died.’

Boy, do I hope those meds work cos I do not want a $300 trip to the ER. Heck, I don’t even know how my crap insurance covers being ‘out of network.’ Probably not at all. Bleurg.

I’m to take them 2 days prior and 2 days there. Apparently, I’m a HAPEy kind of girl.



2 thoughts on “‘You should’ve been in the Emergency Room!’

  1. loveyangels says:

    Wow! I’m glad you are taking meds. I know what you mean about not complaining. I do it too. The only reason I went to the hospital recently is because the Doc insisted or I have to sign a release which means I wouldn’t be covered. I think women do this a lot. I hate to complain about pain or discomfort. One of my friends was talking about the same thing & her Doc scolded her too when she casually told her what her symptoms had been. I hope these meds really make a difference & that you enjoy every day to the fullest!


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