such a card!

My Mammy would’ve been 86 today, had she not dropped dead without due notice 16+ years ago. It was easy buying cards for her because I loved her. She did the best she could and: She wanted the glitteriest, ribbony, florally, BIGGEST card available. Once, I got her a stained glass card! She didn’t want a gift, just get that lady a FANCY CARD! Easy.

I’ve complained before about how difficult it is, picking out greeting cards for my parents, especially Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Many years, I avoid it altogether but I always get, ‘Rosie was here and asked why I didn’t have any cards displayed’ kind of statements.

I love picking out greeting cards, when I feel good things about the person. It’s fun! I love sending and receiving postcards!

When faced with a wall of ‘you’re the kindest/thanks for always being there for me’ and your biological parents belong in jail? Not so much.

I needed to get an anniversary card for my parents, my godparents and a father’s day card and thank you card for while I’m in Colorado. I plan ahead, obviously.

Mother’s Day was a close call but they had FROM YOUR DOG cards! I slipped by with using one of those ‘from Bobby.’ Of course, I purchased and signed it but it’s so much easier when it’s not from me.

Didn’t see a Father’s Day one like that but I found this one, which is at least half true. It’s a boy on the card, so I had to ‘fix’ it.

father's day card cover


Father's Day card inside


Touching, isn’t it?






As mentioned, I’ll be in Colorado, some 900 miles away for Father’s Day. I pre-addressed the envelope.

To: Spike From: A Broad, Abroad

To: Spike
From: A Broad, Abroad








Then, the ridiculous, lovey-wuvy anniversary cards — or worse, religious ones. I found BABY BOBBIES! Even better? It’s so NON-COMMITTAL!

Anniversary card cover


Anniversary card inside






After all that angst, I found just about perfect answers for my BS-card-giving needs!



4 thoughts on “such a card!

  1. Those are really good picks for the tricky line you have to walk. I had a hard time getting Father’s Day cards for my dad for a while, because he was not particularly supportive or “there for me” or any of that. I never go Hallmark any more — I get nice blank cards and write something myself, and he’s not around, so I don’t have to be non-committal.


    • Lily says:

      Blank cards are a great idea. I usually buy him a 12 pack of beer for whatever because it’s the only thing he doesn’t criticize. Mum, is kinda easy, cos she’s such a shut-in, you just buy her prestige branded stuff. 🙂 Gifts are easy!


  2. Gads! I too struggle with the card thing. And the “Hallmark moments” and religious ones don’t work for me very often. You done good with Father’s Day and the baby Bobbys are adorable. Can’t go wrong with them!


    • Lily says:

      Thanks for your support. There are so many of us trying to be Nice and Good but not in the best (from, whatever) situations. They should have a lot more selection! I don’t mean, ‘You really sucked as a parent but now you’re old, I’m mostly over it.’ ;p That wouldn’t be good but the more neutral kinds? Yeah. I love Laurie’s idea of blank cards.


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