Postcards: And Australia makes 5:7 continents


My most excellent bromeliad-nurturing Australian bud GOF done-did out-done hisself.

I gots me 2 postcards, a stamp of Her Holiness (that’s a joke; I’m American, sorry) The Queen and…

Look closely…

A COASTER for my whiskey! The Perfect gift for any house-proud hillbilly!

GOF’s a bit off (rhymes, had to go there) right now due to South-ren Hemispheric Winter Rainy Season. Come sunnier skies, I imagine he’ll regale us with nubile ladies he fancies and Great Plans for Society should the Gov ever start giving him his due.

Add him to your ‘read’ RSS or whatever the kids use these days. He’s extremely droll and a Good’un.



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