recipe: Radish Greens and Ham

Finished ham steak and radishes and radish greensIn the Ozarks, we had late snows and then flooding. Things got put in late or not at all. All of our herbs drowned except chives. We’ve had to reseed self-sustained herbs of many years!

That said, what are normally first harvests are finally coming in: spinach, radishes and scallions (the asparagus was only a bit late, so we’ve had that for weeks).

The radishes are still sweeter than biting and tender, not woody. Yum! Their greens are pretty and full enough to harvest along with the root.

I cooked them, for extra flavor, under a smoked, bone-in ham steak (guaranteed gluten free by the fabulous local abattoir, Frick’s; their Braunschweiger is lovely). While the ham shows fatty grain, from cooking with it for years, I knew that I wanted more (plus coconut oil is so healthy!).

Where was I?


I’d eaten a bowl of radishes for breakfast (with a banana…I eat what’s around and easy, plus, I had a sore head from too much vodka and red wine). I didn’t really want to just eat them raw. I love them sliced as ‘coins’ on a salad but didn’t want that, either.

Radish Greens, Radishes and Ham (nutrition at bottom)

  • 1-2 C radishes and their greens (remember, greens ‘cook up’ a great deal, so it’ll ‘shrink’)
  • 1 T coconut oil
  • bone-in, smoked ham (or extra-flavorful meat of choice)
  • makes 6 servings of ham but only 1-2 of radish/greens — add more if you’re feeding more people. I wanted more ham to eat for breakfast throughout the week

Ham steak atop radish greensYou will NOT need salt as the ham is super-crazy salty. I added a bit of freshly-cracked black pepper but that was all. I quartered (-ish) the radishes to cook quicker and started them on top of the melted coconut oil. Quickly, I topped them with the ham steak. It’s pre-cooked, so all we’re doing here is getting the fat dripping, salt and smoke into the greens. A lot of water comes out of the ham, so don’t worry about them sticking. You’ll probably have left over to drain (Bobby got it!).

disappointed kidWhile I was cooking, it smelled so good, I took a table knife and scooped out the marrow. NUM! Piggy. When she was all said and done, I offered some to my elderly father, who proceeded to clear half my supper plate.

radish ham nutrition 1






















radish ham nutrition 2


3 thoughts on “recipe: Radish Greens and Ham

  1. Okay, my Lily–that looks and sounds amazing! Don’t laugh–I never knew you could cook radishes or eat the greens. I’ll have to give this a try. Probably won’t be a Sparkpeople recipe though. You said the “f word”–fat!


    • Lily says:

      We almost always eat them raw but you can totally cook them (mostly, that was done in a ‘hot salad’ growing up). You can eat ALMOST any green!

      Remember, ham is pretty lean for a meat and I had to add coconut oil because it will stick to pan without it (that lean). Don’t know if you’re aware of the benefits of coconut oil but if you cook with any, it can easily be your only choice. Canola (which the US recommends for heart health) will kill you.

      When I gave up MOST grains, began eating meat again (after ~17 years vegetarianism) and began pushing coconut oil while REMOVING other oils, my high-my-entire-life cholesterol went away. Amazing!


    • Lily says:

      Mari, I added nutritional info using SP’s calculator. 🙂 The fat would be lower w/o coconut oil but it’s so healthy!


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