hypersalinity: kraut, day…what was it?

Seriously, this is the coolest blog EVER! Let me blather on about rotting cabbage, will ya! (it’s not rotting…)

Previous editions:

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I’ve mentioned the extra saltiness of my brine. This may seem like an oxymoron but assure you, there’s only one of those here. Well, half! Ha! I’m so droll.

I tested the kraut and it’s still salty but it was time to add water, so I hoped that would be the solution to my solution! Again, I just can’t help myself. Do you see how annoying this would be in person?


I tasted it and it was a) finally starting to taste sauer and b) less salty but I worried it was still too much. I had Dad try it. He disagreed wholeheartedly: it is not too salty.

Then, I remembered: I tend to under salt things and Dad tends to over salt things, so we’re probably in the perfect place (as brine is meant to be ‘salty’ — that’s its definition). I know that I should take photos but it’s such a mess, digging around, that I can’t be bothered. It should be done by next weekend, maybe earlier!

I’m baking cookies today (don’t tell) and the kitchen-river has returned. Our house doesn’t exactly flood…it’s when the rain comes so hard that it enters through the door. We have sump pump and drainage tiling around the house. It’s just my kitchen (where I have a drain because this happens). It’s still a bit ridiculous. Bobby thinks it’s bullshit.


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