Cookin’ tonight just keep on tokin’

Kinda! A girl at work got one of those e-cigs, which is to say a vapor-pipe or whatever the kids call it.

She was waving it around. Naturally, I said, ‘Yo, can I get a toke of that?’ She passed it to the left-hand-side and I went to inhale…

COUGHCOUGHCOUGH for the next hour. It made for good laughs in the office. Glad I could help everybody out.

Guess my tokin’ days are done, eh?

Something else ‘done’ is the fitness DVD giveaway. I got ONE contestant (via private message). WINNER! -without Bobby choosing, he’s okay with that because we had a fashion show last night*

I can’t believe people weren’t interested! I’m one of those eedjits who signs up for winning EVERYTHING. I seem to have a gift for winning glassware. I’m forever giving that away (cos I don’t have space let alone ‘decor’ to match nice things — just give me a couple of whiskey glasses and a couple of pints and I’m grand).

-ex-midnight toker

Allegedly. I am a Joker, voted Class Clown in grade 6.

-are the new readers gone yet?

MasterMike said he gave up tokin’ in the Army. He even ‘wrote’ a cadence (think STRIPES).

I used to smoke dope, like all the rest

But that was before the urine test

Now we drink beer, we’re up all night

And run all day, so we’re fit to fight


* I meant to get stamps and pick up RX last night but the flooding detours PLUS accidents made that impossible (at least for a while). I had some super couponery for Kohl’s. Nearly lost my damned mind. I got over $200 worth of swag for $20 (a savings of $192). It’s funny cos the young boy/man ringing me out almost lost his shit, too. The lady behind me got, ‘You saved $5 on your total.’

gollumMWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can have all the things because I’m an insane bargain huntress. Granted, I may not get what I want when I want it but I wait


4 thoughts on “Cookin’ tonight just keep on tokin’

  1. I can’t remember the last time I smoked anything. At LEAST 20 years, I’m pretty sure. No — scratch that. There was that night in Baltimore with my ex-labmates. Okay — ONCE in 20 years. And I felt like HELL the next day, though in all honesty, that was probably the whiskey.


    • Lily says:

      Ya know, being autoimmune girl (I need do characterize that), inflammation-invoking stuff is just NOT GOOD. I honestly didn’t think that would kill me. I mean one full hour of hacking and that emphysema rattle. Yikes. Like Bill Clinton, I didn’t even inhale (couldn’t!). Wonder what pot would do? I’m thinking same. Better experiment! ;p j/k


    • Lily says:

      It’s tough. I’m common size, S-M, 4-6-8 (but petite & small chested selections always means less), so it’s usually picked over. This was a big lucky day!


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