Anxious about my anxious Bobby

Happy Days. That's his security blanket (one of my old face cloths, poor Bobby)

Happy Days. That’s his security blanket (one of my old face cloths, poor Bobby)

I keep trying to prep Bobby that I’m going to be gone. He doesn’t believe me. Regular readers know that I speak Canine American.

He pines and won’t eat for at least a few days when I get to well, get away. I worry. I never had to worry about the other critters. I mean, I’d be sorry that they may look for me that 1st day but they rolled with it. Bobby freaks cos he’s a kill shelter rescue with Issues.

He got scared yesterday and mum had to let him in my apartment, where he promptly (he’s meant to STAY IN THE KITCHEN) ran to my bedroom (the door was shut) and stayed curled up in the doorway. She couldn’t get him to move, so she left him til he calmed down. He was shaking and his heart racing, as he does when spooked.

Mum said even Spike was concerned yesterday. That’s saying something.

I got my hair done last night. Spike looked at it and said, ‘Why is that piece like that?’ He always finds fault. Mum was behind him and gave me the ‘whatever’ look. Anyway! That’s why I was late coming in. Bobby was over it by then and just wanted lots of cuddles and fish. –his favorite foodstuff

If all goes well, I should be leaving Missouri, Sunday! And I should be arriving in Denver, Sunday! That’s all of Missouri, all of Kansas and half of Colorado, for about 900miles.


6 thoughts on “Anxious about my anxious Bobby

  1. Poor Bobby. I understand your concern. Here’s an idea: give him a shirt you’ve worn (and not washed) to snuggle with while you’re gone. Maybe that will help a little bit.


    • Lily says:

      Thank you! He loves my old shirts (to wear when it’s cold). He can get a new shirt to snuggle with 🙂


    • Lily says:

      When I ring, mum’ll let him hear my voice. He usually wags his tail, so he knows I’m ‘somewhere.’


  2. Good luck!

    We’re really lucky that we have two sets of friends, each with a vizsla that gets along with Penny wonderfully. We’ve “loaned” our dogs to each other during trips and it’s worked out great. I don’t know what we’d do otherwise.


    • Lily says:

      Bobby’s anxious about everything…this is just the latest but I try to ease his suffering and when I’m gone, I’m the cause and no help.


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