postcards: ASIA! Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur postcard.jpgOur intrepid traveller, John (of Antarctic Traipsing* Fame) has provided yet another continent: Asia. Malaysia to be specific.

Fan-damned-tastic for my greedy postcard collection!

The architecture/decor is something else. See his blog for more adventure.

KL partie 1

KL partie 2

KL partie 3

KL partie 4

Thanks, again, John!

* Which begins here. It’s well worth (when you have time because it’s its own documentary, replete with photos and personal observations and some geeky goodness) the time spent reading every entry of a very rare vacation.


2 thoughts on “postcards: ASIA! Kuala Lumpur

  1. Fascinating tidbit about KL – it is very difficult to find a post card with a person on it. Why? Because Malaysia is nominally a Muslim country and the Koran frowns on depictions of the human form.

    And that is why your postcard had windows on it.


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