back to ‘normal’ har!

Thanks to everybody for hanging with me whilst I was away for almost 2 weeks. I did make a couple of posts but those were fairly whacky! -regulars are used to the insanity

A) had my trip, forest fires were all around but I prayed for rain and it came, putting them out! I haz awesome povvers of luck!

lifesaver, yo!

lifesaver, yo!

B) my computer broke on hols  —

aside: DUDE! Thank Dog for ‘Copy‘ (like Dropbox or Amazon Cloud service but gives way more free space) for saving my photos and videos! I’m pushing them because I’m currently their biggest fan for saving my shite: Click here for a bunch of free cloud space to save your files (documents, videos, photos, music, whatever).

C) A Tornado hit DIA as my airplane was taxiing. We stopped and waited for ‘all clear,’ which took 2 hours of heavy sweating and no access to toilets. Then, we got home about 90 minutes after takeoff, using the jet stream in our favour!

If you’re insane enough, you can watch 6 minutes of me telling Bobby his Bedtime Story that night. Nobody’ll ever want to meet me in person after watching it. Sha! Of course you would! As usual, I swear. And that’s not my normal accent. It’s for the storrrrry!

D) My car broke

I ended up getting home around midnight and I still haven’t unpacked.

I’m super-lucky because my car broke on the street outside Brother’s so it and I were safe! It was towed 17 miles to my mechanic (lucky it was parked in town–again!).

I took my computer to the sick computer shop (about 100mi round trip from home but not too bad to pick it up after work).

It is fixed (quickly!) with a new logic board and monitor. It’s the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and SSD card (rather than spinning hard disk) that I ordered before they shipped in 2012. This is the first hardware incident and it sure as hell more than broke even with AppleCare (extended warranty)!

Back to the car:

My car has about 104,000 miles. I got it in October of 2007 (was a 2006 model, new because the 2007s hadn’t arrived yet). Apart from a high-speed crash (60mph) that caused it to break into many pieces, bent the frame, etc., it has been a cracker. I love that thing!

My trusted mechanic (whom I’ve used over 20 years; his family are honest as the day is long) pulled me aside and yakked some 20 minutes yesterday, like I’m his daughter.

His advice is: cut your losses. Get a new car. He said in good conscience, he refuses to begin replacing parts at several hundreds of dollars a clip plus labour. He said if it’s my choice to go that route, anybody’ll do that ‘for’ me. A new car is a fresh start with a warranty. He doesn’t get paid to guess. He gets paid to fix cars. This directs money away from him. Clan O’Keane FTW – again!

I have a car repair fund squirreled away. Anybody with 100,000 miles should do. I suppose that’s now ‘down payment’ and/ or ‘car tax.’ In Missouri, when you buy a new car, in addition to licensing (car and driver), you pay an additional sales tax, which even for a low end new car is over $1,000. Not all states do this! THEN, we pay taxes on autos every year. Not all states do this. Plus, be prepared for car insurance going up! You’re guaranteed to need a few grand more than you would in other places to ‘just’ buy a new car, is the issue.

I’ve always wanted an AWD car. I’m looking at Forester or Impreza hatchback. I don’t mind the idea of Ford Escape but they’re still too big for my taste. I currently drive a ‘sportwagon’ (tiny station wagon). I wanted a hybrid but I don’t think that I can get AWD and hybrid at this time in my emergency-new-car-finance-situation. I’d get a REALLY small car but it must be able to navigate the ranch road (needs minimum of 6 inches ground clearance).

I’m the luckiest girl you’ve ever met. I assure people of this all the time. Sure, my computer and car break at the same time but the computer is under warranty, I have money squirreled away (not a lot but some) for a car and a TORNADO HIT THE AIRPORT when I was sitting in a plane on the tarmac.

Whatevs. Situation Normal, bitches!


5 thoughts on “back to ‘normal’ har!

  1. I can always use more cloud storage and now I have 20 free gigs. Good for me. Good for you.

    “Congratulations, you have earned an extra 5 GB of free storage because Lily Reed referred you to Copy!”


    • Lily says:


      Yeah, I’m SO happy that I got it a while back when I first heard of it cos my Dropbox account was NOT large enough and sorry, I don’t want to pay!


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