Stuffed Frenched Pork Chops

stuffed frenched pork chops.jpg



I got some ‘frenched‘ pork chops at Trader Joe’s the last time I was there.

It’s like a 120 mile trip, so I try to get there about once a month but if I’m anywhere ‘near’ (as in horseshoes or hand grenades), I make an effort!

Unfortunately, the brilliant colors the ingredients once held all turn rather brown once cooked but boy, was it pretty at first!

I took the inch-thick chops and sort of sliced them open like a pita.

I baked the sweet potatoes (also from TJs, they were TINY, which I loved as they cooked in like 25 minutes!) and allowed them to cool before de-jacketing them.

In a skillet, I put some EVOO (usually use coconut oil to cook with but felt I wanted the EVOO flavor, so I made sure to cook this over LOW heat) in the pan and tossed in pearl onions (left whole to pick out later, for my belly — I’ve been trying to get flavor without forcing my body to try to digest stuff it cannot). I put the chard (rainbow, also from TJs!) in and shredded cabbage and then sliced up two, small, peeled gala apples. I salted it some with sea salt and ground some black pepper, added about 3/4t ground cloves and an equal amount of ground cinnamon. I believe that’s all…

I was working with the idea of sweet potato and apple with pork, then offsetting the sweetness with chard and cabbage. I tasted it and it was a bit too bitter (than what I wanted; I love bitter!), so I added a tad more salt (probably 3/4t total, which is not a lot!) and some cherries!

It tastes just about perfect, although had I realized how freaking awesome the cherries were going to taste, I’d have put in more!

This made 4 servings for me — you may be keeping track with all that veg? It cooks down. Plus, the remainder of ‘stuffing’ is in another container; the photo only shows the bit that I stuffed before cooling the chops in the skillet after a quick rinse! I’m going to say it’s probably 6C of cooked veg, total.


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