Eating cheap: comfort food

I went home sick from work on Wednesday. We’ll skip that except to say Bobby was one Happy Pup when he saw me coming home Inordinately Early. He ran up, all happy-face, then sniffed me. His eyes went round as saucers and he commenced Therapeutic Licking. Guess he smelled pain and fever, eh? Good Boy!

Yesterday, I decided to make comfort food (albeit gluten free cos I’m not completely mental — I’ll eat unhealthy but not make-me-die).

We, of course, raised everything we ate when I was growing up on a working ranch but sometimes you’re between or after harvest and when your income is the meat you’re raising, you sure as hell don’t slaughter it when you can eat poor now in order to eat better later. It’s not like we were going to starve. We just weren’t getting very healthy food at the moment. Pasta is grain. Grain is crap. Don’t believe the US government when they tell your ‘eat whole grains to be healthy.’ Eat whole grains to become fat and sickly. That’s why we grazed our animals!

Where was I?

comfort food pasta veg butter cheese.jpgWhen I was little and we had very little money for food and didn’t even have enough to eat beans — really, we had off-brand pasta with butter and dry, pre-grated ‘cheese’ for supper. Mum and Dad would say, ‘Don’t tell anybody this is all we had for supper.’

I remember loving it, though! It’s a comfort food, which probably seems weird. I’m not sure why I liked it apart from the fact that grains (breads) are like crack to me (and most people). We ate mostly meat and veg, so a meal of PASTA? Shut the front door!

Desirous of something comfy while not feeling so hot:

I grabbed the remains of a package or Orgran Corn and Rice Tortelli from last year. I boiled it.

I added Earth Balance (could’ve used coconut oil, which would’ve been a healthy choice but I was after the buttery flavour of comfort foods of my childhood) — about 2T; Trader Joe’s El Cheapo Excuse for Romano and Parmesan grated cheese (it’s real cheese but desiccated — like I care) — about 2T; about 2T of EVOO and tossed it on top of about 4T basil (fresh from the garden). While I tossed these together, the green beans (a ‘mess’ or enough for one meal in Hillbilly Speak) were steaming.

I pitched them in along with about 1/4 of a bone-in ham steak, cubed and voila.

Nutritional data for ONE serving (not the whole pan, yo):

nutritional info, 1 serving


4 thoughts on “Eating cheap: comfort food

  1. Nothing better than a bit of comfort food from one’s childhood. In my case that would be toast & vegemite which I can cook no matter how sick I am…. I don’t actually like vegemite that much and only ever eat it when I’m sick, – it just tastes better because my memory-buds associate it with care from my parents & nan.


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