compulsion: tips DOWN!

Growing up poor with nobody around, you learn a lot of things. One is self first aid.


Another is this gem:

store markers tips-down

Now, in today’s throw-away world, you’re not going to think about this — unless you can only afford/ receive as a gift markers on a once-a-decade basis.

this makes me cry

this makes me cry

I learnt the hard way.

Wee Lily didn’t know to store markers tips-down, so they dried out.

‘Refreshing’ with spit or water doesn’t work. You’re down however many markers. I ended up with only yellow and orange out of a 10 pack from like 1976 to 1986.

Consider me marked for life. -sorry

Seriously. When I see markers stored in an upright fashion, if I believe that I can get away with it (no ‘touch my stuff and die’)? I fix them.

this broad grew up poor, too

this broad grew up poor, too

I get it: your stuff, your way. That’s why I only do this if I’m not going to get a whack.


I’ll do it.

If you’re wondering, ‘How do you know which color is which?’ (some markers only show color by the cap)



Clear mug/canister/spinner? That’s what I use.

Or how about this divine solution? Horizontal storage is also completely acceptable, however, it’s slightly less effective. At least it’s not effing your stash.



4 thoughts on “compulsion: tips DOWN!

    • Lily says:

      Right! I’ve never been diagnosed OCD (had plenty of time with a Shrink, too) but it’s -ahem kind of a friend to anxiety, which I do have. I think that means I don’t have it as a DISORDER but it may #slightly #present #ocd-y.


    • Lily says:


      You are MUCH better than I and this is a BAD one!

      My inks are forever drying (printer) cos I use them about ONCE a year. Removing and covering with tape fm doesn’t work.

      I’ve even considered using it more just to USE it but then I’d be blowing photo papers (cos that’s all I print).


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