Reviews, Très Bon Prix & trés jolie

not me but incredibly LIKE me from hair colour to beehive but I did this in the NINETEEN EIGHTIES cos I was a BOSS

not me but incredibly LIKE me from hair colour to beehive but I did this in the NINETEEN EIGHTIES cos I was a BOSS

I grew up in the days of Aqua Net. At some point, I started making money and buying Sebastian Shaper (before Shaper Plus) but do not put it past me to try something like Citrus Shine-I don’t think they make this anymore or they don’t carry it here I really don’t care so long as it doesn’t smell as bad as Aqua Net did and does the same job (or better, this is respective to how you use it)

My personal favourite is Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray but there are times when I’d rather spend shekles on something else. Enter TRESemmé.

that's mine, right there!

that’s mine, right there!

I can’t swear by all of their crap but they have a lovely low sulfate shampoo for damaged hair (mine’s often problematic with having autoimmune). I have used a far more dear product for almost 2 years now but I give much props for uber-cheap yet decent TRES. I also adore their el cheap anti-humidity hairspray at under 4USD.

My other great deal, if you don’t mind something less than high quality is a pair of work trousers, perfect for me in summer. They are unlined but the fabric is thick enough to not show cellulite (look, these are things women have to think about or not, if they don’t care). These are entitled ‘stretch’ but they’re not like most ‘stretch’ clothing I’ve worn (there’s nothing in this world like a snug, stretch pair of cords…I don’t care what anybody says, they’re like pyjamas but you get away with wearing them in public!). Specs say 98% cotton, 2% spandex, so don’t expect Spanx.

They are wash and wear but as anything, washing will fade and since these are less than primo, that’s going to start sooner than later. Of course wash in cold water and of course hang to dry. Nevertheless, for me, at 10USD they’re a nice enough pair of trousers for work in the hot summer! I’ll add, when I got them, I had an additional 40% coupon. MWAHAHAHAHA

Everybody knows that I love a good deal and everybody knows that I’m a cheap bastard but these have been my happy cheap bastard purchases of late!


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