kiwi, not Kiwi

Nah, I’m not talking about most of the cast of Spartacus. -aren’t they New Zealanders? Somebody told me they were

You know how amusing it is to read what searches brought people to your blog? I don’t think that I’ve done ‘a’ post on kiwis (short for kiwifruit) before but I recall posting recipes that used kiwis.

Kiwis are frequently teamed (at least in the US) with strawberries. I get that they’re beautiful on their own and especially lovely with their bright green next to red but it’s also a popular flavouring for things like seltzer and candy. I don’t get that part.

kiwi kiwifruit fruitI like my kiwis on their own, best. They differ in size but most that make it to the Midwest, where I live, are about 2 inches in length, oval (-ish, I mean they’re spherically oval, somebody correct me on terminology here) and hairy. It’s sort of a wispy bark.

I have tried eating it (the skin/ bark) and it’s fine but I prefer not to do. This is sort of funny since I know people who would NEVER eat peach skin and I always eat peach skin (it’s fuzzy, too, but in a slightly different way). Why one not the other? Dunno. I’m fickle.

manu bennett spartacusWhere were we? Kiwis!

-Manu Bennett works very hard for this body and I appreciate it. Thanks, Mr. Bennett!

I’ve lost my place again. What were we talking about?

kiwi kiwifruit nutrition

kiwi nutrition

Kiwis are sweet with a teensy tiny tang. They should be eaten ripe (where you can VERY gently smoosh into them like a ripe peach or avocado — you don’t want them really smooshy, that’s overripe) or they have less taste and who wants that when you can just let them ripen a bit longer?

Kiwis can be cut in half and eaten with a spoon (leaving their husk/ skin/ bark as ‘bowl’) or you can peel them and nom. You can also slice them (skin on or off) to make lovely additions to plates or fruit salads.

There’s my informal, unplanned coverage for whomever searched here for info on kiwis. Hope it helps. I got to look at Mr. Bennett, so I’m fairly happy.


6 thoughts on “kiwi, not Kiwi

  1. There is also a yellow fleshed kiwifruit which I do not like as much as the green….but it is hard to buy good fruit here…they are mostly picked too immature and never ripen. (oh, and I I didn’t find Mr Bennett very distracting at all 😉


    • Lily says:

      I suppose they pick them early over yonder to get them to *me* in decent shape, eh? I love the little bastards.


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