postcard, Pismo Beach

Yay! A friend from SP sent another fantastic, summery postcard!

Thanks, ‘GRACE!’

When I saw it, I was SO excited cos this is one of the places Bugs Bunny used to go.

My childhood worldview is informed via Bugs and Friends and PBS, you know. If it weren’t for them, I’d have only known trees, dogs and farm implements!


While I only knew about it from Bugs’ fame, I looked it up today and the history is fascinating!



6 thoughts on “postcard, Pismo Beach

  1. So many kids (and adults) around the world were ‘educated’ by Bugs Bunny…..also in my generation the Walt Disney comic books….I learned so much about the history of Central America, Guatemala etc where many of the adventures took place.


    • Lily says:

      Gram had bought (for the boys, I’m the youngest and only girl) Walt Disney books that were sort of photo-documentary books, not comics.

      It’s why I went to the Grand Canyon! I still haven’t made it to Monument Valley (and think I shan’t; my body can’t self-regulate cooling and I get heat stroke very easily).

      I learnt deserts are hard on me but was very lucky that the Grand Canyon — depending on when you’re there — is high enough that its weather was nothing like the valley (lower 2/3 of Arizona, where you fly to, then caravan up to the High Country or upper 1/3 of AZ).

      The boys, oddly, weren’t interested in those books much. Well, maybe the youngest as he still travels the world for work. Prolly in Indonesia right now! Or Afghanistan…or Peru. 🙂


  2. I can still remember the Walt Disney book “The Living Desert” which my parents gave me as a birthday present maybe when I was 9 or 10……in the days before Australia had television and most books and encyclopaedia were still in black and white….this book was magic colour. Disney had an extraordinary impact on children all around the planet.


    • Lily says:

      I was raised writing British (Canadian) English but took YEARS to clear that up (worked VERY hard at uni as I’d get lower marks for using BE).

      It’s also known in the US as ‘military’ date/time. I speak Oh-2-hundred hours, as well 🙂

      That said, I’ve recently tried to reteach myself dating for my computer stuff in YEAR:MONTH:DAY. This blows my mind but it’s VERY useful for finding files!


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