PSA: expired eye makeup remover and DST

The city kids probably don’t use anything past its expiration date. Like fences, Hillbillies don’t recognise them.

Completely off-topic, people always blame daily savings time on ‘farmers.’

Farmers don’t give a hoot what-says the clock on the wall. Have you ever tried hand-milking a cow in the dark? Whether it breaks day at 6AM or 10AM, the sun’s what we go by.

Clock on the wall? That’s some city kid’s fence. Farmers like it even less than city kids. Until my generation, we didn’t change our clocks.

You know how much it affected us?




Not at all, thanks. I spent months of summer -‘my generation’ because I went to public school and had to run on ‘school time’ seeing nobody but family. You’re up before dawn and out working once it’s light enough. Come in when it’s dark.

We still aren’t affected by street lights but practically get burnt by gibbous and full moons! -are the new readers gone yet?

Speaking of orbs, back to my poor eyes!

only 3 months past expiration date buttermilk

only 3 months past expiration date buttermilk

I’ve had a bottle of Lancôme blue stuff for years. I don’t use it all the time.

Hillbillies don’t pay particular attention to many warnings

It never crossed my mind to look at or even for an expiration date. I mean, it’s eye makeup remover. Whatevs?

The past two or three weeks, I’ve been having inconsistent ‘allergies.’ I take OTC fake-zyrtek daily, anyway, so it seemed surprising but okay… Then, my eyes started puffing up in an alarming fashion, worse than the autoimmune swelling I get sometimes.

I took extra OTC (benadryl) and tried some RX allergy meds. None helped. I figured it was a ‘new’ version of AI symptom…

Til last night when I grabbed the bottle and thought, ‘Hey. This is meant to be clear, right?’

You know what I did next?

Used it. 

About 20 minutes later, when my eyes started burning furiously, I had the epiphany. I ran into the bathroom and saw my eyes were starting to puff out (below the eye) and the sclera was ANGRY. Ew.


I didn’t bother looking (through swollen eyelids). I pitched it.

So! My recommendation to you in this rare instance is perhaps pay attention to the expiration date on your eye makeup remover or at least, when you discern a change in its appearance, consider it somewhat toxic.


6 thoughts on “PSA: expired eye makeup remover and DST

  1. Also, as I discovered a few weeks ago, pay attention to the expiration date on your sunscreen. I wind up with three bottles of the stuff half-finished because there’s one at work and two at home because I had to buy a new one on vacation or whatev, and I keep them till next summer. I threw all three out last month when I came home kind of pink after having put some on and then spent the afternoon out (even having spent most of my time in the shade!).

    Like your buttermilk, I often have stuff way past its date in my fridge, though. Sour cream, mayonnaise, whipping cream. The higher the butterfat, the slower it seems to go off and I use it well past its date. My skim milk that I drink every day, however, if that’s a couple of days off its date, I can tell right away.


    • Lily says:

      Buttermilk is quite low in fat–definitely cannot give a scientific comment as to high or low but what we use is low…

      Buttermilk is (believe I said as much in the post linked where I used it) basically rotten. I mean, how much more rotten does it get? It isn’t separated when fresh and separates later. The fat *on top* is absolutely a preservation. We ‘canned’ cooked meat by topping it with melted lard/ suet.

      This brings me to: fat (oil) goes rancid.

      Unlike our cold-packed freggies, the fat-packed meat needed to be used within a few months or it went off.

      Nice discussion! Got me to remember that ‘meat canning!’

      As to sunscreen, even with fresh, I have to reapply every 60-90 minutes or it craps out. I don’t swim, so it’s not a question of washing off…


  2. Hope your eyes recover quickly…..I’ve got various medications 10 years after their expiry date….never know when I might need ’em. 😉 Queensland is a State full of Aussie hillbillies….we are the only Australian State which refuses to take part in summertime daylight saving clock-tampering. Suits me.


  3. What is “fake-zyrtek” ? I get a ‘script for zyrtek and they give me Cetirizine (which is zyrtek) in the little orange pharmacy bottles – doing it that way I can claim it against my flexible spending account. Is there a “home brand” /CVS-type version?

    My nose tells me if something has gone past its “best by” date. No use-by dates and no refrigeration makes one tougher than city kids 🙂


    • Lily says:

      Yup! Fake Zyrtec (spelt wrong, sorry) that I get is 365 pills in a bottle for like $30 at Costco.

      We don’t have CVS but my understanding is they’re the same as Walgreens. Walgreens sells theirs with a name some thing ‘Wal-tec.’ If you’ve been to one, you’ll know they play on names.

      It’s the same ACTIVE ingredient but the binder or whatever may be different (patented proprietary recipe can’t be 100% but it IS the same active–hope that makes sense).


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