Bobby and faux Thundershirt

As I’ve often stated, Bobby’s a rescue from a kill shelter. We know one other detail: he was brought in by the police. Bobby has a lot of phobias/ fears. I’ve worked with him over these 4-ish years and he has successfully conquered many! Loud noises still freak him out.

not Bobby

not Bobby

A friend mentioned the Thundershirt (link is a review). It worked for her dog who got upset at fireworks, so he didn’t need it often but he got a great deal of relief when he did. Right! I looked into them but didn’t feel like dropping 50USD on one.

Sunday AM, it was thundering a lot (for about 4 hours). Bobby was freaking out. He hasn’t tried to get me to pick him up like a baby-dog in … years. We ended up where I had his front paws over my shoulders, I bent over with my arms running down his body on both sides. Finally, he curled up at my feet and I hovered over him for a while. It got him over the immediate panic but he was soooo scaredy still!

Bobby likes to play fancy dress.

I grabbed what I knew is a now too-small tshirt (currently, much like myself, he’s sporting three fat rolls — terrible!). It was hard to get on him, bless his little heart. He’s so patient. I was worried that he’d get more freaked out with how tight it was. Granted, it was only tight around his shoulders and chest but it stretched the fabric!

Almost immediately, instead of clinging to my skirts, he went to his bedbed, grabbed his IKEA hedgehog and laid down where I had been sitting — just dropped like his usual napping-watchdog position. Bam!



12 thoughts on “Bobby and faux Thundershirt

    • Lily says:

      Bobby immediately knew it was from Sissy being gone 2 weeks in Colorado. You may have missed our insane bedtime story when I finally got in after delayed flight (due to tornado ON us) and then my car breaking down. It’s long and insane but there’s me, off the cuff. You have to be able to do that with kids 🙂

      Poor Bobby.


  1. Sheila says:

    That’s great! I’m glad it worked! We do that with Purdy, she likes her jacket and her shirts. It doesn’t help her anxiety though, sadly.


    • Lily says:

      Is it REALLY tight? I mean, I had to work hard to get it on (granted, it’s only tight around chest and shoulders but VERY, like I thought we might rip it, getting it on).

      The trick isn’t dressing or wearing a coat (he has one), it’s gotta be TIGHT. Thundercoats (and other brands) manage a few tight places. I think I can rig a few ‘belts’ out of 1.5″ elastic (like for pull-on trousers but thicker) and safety pins. It might be a lot easier to put on!


  2. You’re a great Bobby-mom…..nice story….nothing scares our great big mutt except the pigs she was bred to chase down.


    • Lily says:

      Thank you!

      Bobby’s first encounter with ‘locals’ was getting a ferocious beat-down by a pack of coyotes. Next time, he had some marks but pranced around for days–proud of himself–and we didn’t hear coyotes in the valley for a couple of years. HAR!


  3. Good deal! I’m glad for Bobby — I think he looks smashing!

    I don’t know if Penny fears thunder or not — we never get any! 🙂 She doesn’t seem fazed by fireworks though, or military jets, which we get all the time.


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