Monday, Middleman!

middleman comic

Late to the damned party…

I stopped reading graphic comics around 1991-2 (was down to only X-men pretty much by then, anyway).

I was in uni and focused on school. I was on academic scholarship, plus, had big working class guilt to work through (and I was working as well as going to school).

I graduated head of my class but that meant I did exactly zero networking and no ‘elective’ reading, particularly things like comics.

Where was I? I just ‘found’ the Middleman comics by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (writer), Les McClaine (artist), and Jon Siruno (letterer, tones, background assistant.

It’s ME! A red-headed artist who becomes a sort-of superhero’s sidekick. KEWL!

Seriously, though? Somebody put this in ebook cos the collections are dear. I’d buy a proportionally-priced ebook.

Also, thanks to my kindly readers!


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