‘Bobby Socks’

BobbyDogReed has several hot spots on himses legs. We’ve tried special baths, creams, RX (internal) but nothing is helping. If we owned a crown-of-shame I’d put him in it!

Mum had the idea to put baby socks on him like ballerina’s leg warmers.

(I had to say ‘bacon’ to get him to look at the camera; a few errant flashes have taught him to otherwise avert his eyes)


It really helps! He dropped his head after sniffing and licking them a bit and slept!



6 thoughts on “‘Bobby Socks’

    • Lily says:

      I put them on him again and it helped again. I just can’t leave them on with how active he is, jumping in ponds and creeks several times a day.


  1. Sheila says:

    Get some colloidal silver at a health food store and spray it on those 3 or 4 x a day, they will clear right up. I was taught that by a show dog trainer, she swears by it.


  2. loveyangels says:

    “Bacon”……true dog…sweet Bobby. I hope it helps. You need to get some blue ones! It’s hard to keep stuff on animals where they can get at them cause they can lick or bite them off unless they taste really bad. Maybe these socks are helping cause he is leaving them on. He looks pretty mellow.

    I’m watching a good Doc on PBS on flea markets across the U.S.A. It makes me want to go to one! 🙂 Some guy is making kilts & selling them. He’s using camouflage material. He says girls wear them as skirts too. People are crafty.

    Hope your week is good. Tomorrow is my procedure & I’m a little nervous but hanging in there.


    • Lily says:

      I’m thinking about you! I don’t doubt you’re nervous. That’s natural. I know your friend will go with you and I hope that helps.

      I tried the silver spray on him and it didn’t seem to help but it didn’t seem to hurt. We are still medicating him and the socks seem to ‘relieve’ him. Honestly, I think it’s that he’s … not so smart. Like, ‘Erm, that’s in my way. Okay. I’ll just sleep.’

      There’s a dog intelligence test where you throw a towel over their head and see how long it takes them to figure out to get it off. Bobby will stand there a while, then finally lie down and sleep. ;p Doesn’t even bother. ‘Ho hum, light’s went out. Guess it’s bed time.’ Poor baby!


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