Bobby – he ain’t scared of these catses!

Bobby has a lot of fears, including cats.

When I saw this material (plastic tablecloth) to re-cover his bedbed, I wondered if it would scare himses.



He dove (a leap into the air and pounce on it — this is only done a) when he’s expressing joy at a new cover or b) when something has scared him, not terrified him, and he leaps into bed like a little kid) into bedbed and happily panted.

‘Bobby? Aren’t you askert of them catses?’

He cocked his head to the side.

I pointed to a cat. ‘DEM catses.’

He stuck his schnoozle where I was pointing, sniffed, then snorted (a harrumph) and assured me, ‘Sissy, dem ain’t real catses. They’s PRETEND!’



5 thoughts on “Bobby – he ain’t scared of these catses!

  1. loveyangels says:

    Awww, Bobby’s no dummy, that’s for sure. Him knows the difference! That’s cute that he likes his new cover. I love him!


    • Lily says:

      He always likes the new covers — he gets upset that you take off the old one but when the NEW one is on, he’s Mr. Happy!


    • Lily says:

      I tell you, he’s a SMRT sometimes. Then, today. A rabbit was 2 feet from him. He’s looking the other way, while I’m pointing yelling, ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!’ He’s looking over ITS HEAD. Ugh.


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