Carrots à l’orange (and chicken!)

carrot and orange purée.jpg

I rarely drink juice -unless it’s tomato, in a Bloody Mary but I’ve been sick for so long, I opted for the orange juice (100% natural, no other ingredients).

I drank about half of the carton and now have the remainders.

Being ill, I’ve been eating whatever’s handy (avocado and tinned salmon, gluten-free microwave quesadilla, frozen chicken thighs that I tossed on the George Foreman, chocolate bars –shut up!).

I’ve still been good about freggies, not so much because I was being health conscious but because my poor body wanted kale and apples!

I put lime juice and salt on the chicken and grilled it while putting a platter of baby carrots in the microwave -shut up! to steam with 1t coconut oil and light salt.

Whipping out the Ninja (food processor), I put our cooked carrots (cooled) in with 1C orange juice and puréed.

The chicken thighs make a nice pairing, if I do say so myself.


-as usual, I’m fibbing about quantities since I don’t measure when cooking – but I did measure the oil!

• 1 1/2C baby carrots

• 1C orange juice (no funny stuff)

• 1t coconut oil

• salt


• 2 chicken thighs

• juice from 1/2 lime 

• salt

The carrot à l’orange purée made enough that I’m calling it 10 servings (only because I’m not mad about carrots).


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