‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’

@cha0tic finished watching Breaking Bad this week (no spoilers) and decided between Walt’s living quarters and the bar in town displaying a sign like this, he wants to live there.

no shirt no shoes no service signI didn’t quite understand at first what he meant by thinking that was a bar he’d like to patronage.

Then, I realised…

Not everybody has those signs?

that's pronounced 'Booger Holler'

that’s pronounced ‘Booger Holler’

Every shop (unless they didn’t care that you came in without shirt or shoes) had one of these, often a slip of paper, written in pen and taped to the door or window.

Then, I recalled Gram. -the grandmother who raised me, who I often talk about I’d learnt to read and stopped short one day. ‘Gram? I don’t have any shoes.’

She looked down at my feet and said, ‘They don’t mean children.’

my boobs are smaller but this *is* caricature

my boobs are smaller but this *is* caricature — it must be winter cos she’s wearing shit-stompers, what?

When I started solo highway driving, at age 11, I was usually barefoot. Later, I found out that barefoot driving was illegal. One could say driving at age 11 is illegal but if you ask Mum, she’ll say, ‘She was an excellent driver.’ Remember, too, living where I did, you could drive 10 miles and not see another soul…back then. Urban sprawl started affecting us about 15 years ago. We went from 7 families in our region to over 700. That’s exponential, yo. -are the new readers gone yet?

I also bent his ear about not wearing shoes in snow. I did this until about 8 or 10 years ago. -after the 4th of 6 foot surgeries, which were unrelated I was walking through the forest barefoot back then. You didn’t stop wearing shoes in the snow (unless you were going to be out there a while) because you didn’t want to lose your toughened soles! Man, you start using shoes as a crutch during winter and spring can be very painful.


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