Recipe: Salami-Wrapped Cod (I am a Genius)

Salami Wrapped Cod.jpgI should’ve made this prettier before taking a snapshot but it smelled so frigging AWESOME that I couldn’t wait to shove it in ma bouche.

The cod is a fillet of cod. The salami is uncured, ‘natural’ (no added nitrates/ nitrites) and minimally-processed. I haven’t had salami in years (salami and Canadian bacon are my favourite ‘deli meats’).

I have never grilled it…all I can say is that I’m going to start my period in a couple of days and looking at my thawed (from frozen) cod fillet for supper, I practically cried. I wanted something far tastier, saltier and possibly Devilish.

Hang on, I have this salami that I purchased for breakfasts…-yes, I’m eating salami for breakfast, what?

It occurred to me that people are always bacon-wrapping stuff and certainly I’ve bacon-wrapped shrimp…

How bad could it be?

It’s FANTASTIC! I deserve a Pulitzer Prize. I did nothing to it but wrap the fillet in 4 slices (they’re like tracing paper thin and full of delicious fat!) of salami, then plop on a hot grille until I couldn’t stand not eating them anymore (this was pretty quick; I often cook by smell, you can tell when the food has chemically changed).

I’m totally doing this any time I’m in possession of cod and salami!


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