What Bart Simpson and I have in common… (stop squeaky orthotics)


Bart Simpson orthopaedic shoes

Bart’s orthopaedic shoes

orthopaedic shoes

my orthopaedic shoes

I wore braces on my legs as a toddler. I graduated to orthopaedic shoes as a girl. ‘Wanna hear about my six foot surgeries? The first was when I was nine years old!’


-are the new readers gone yet?

A little over a year ago, I got prescription orthotics for trainers. 

Serious Orthotics ‘always’ squeak and I mean loudly. When I first got them, I asked. ‘You’ll get used to it.’

I’ve worn them over a year and coworkers mock every.freaking.day. I hate it, too, but there’s nothing like getting constant shit as a grownup for your gimp anatomy.

Yesterday, I googled, ‘make orthotics stop squeaking.’

baby powderBaby powder. Done. *

You take out the normal insert, pull out the hard plastic orthotic, dump a bunch of baby powder (I was afraid that I was using too much but they said use a lot), replace the orthotic, put in MORE baby powder, then replace the normal insert.

I mean, this wasn’t a tiny squeak. This was haunted house door hinge creaking squeaking–silenced. It’s like winning a thousand bucks!

Or like an early birthday present! -you can buy me something now and have plenty of time to get it in time for my birthday. I see no reason to not be this obvious.


* They said you will have to repeat the process but with baby powder? YEAH, I can do this!






2 thoughts on “What Bart Simpson and I have in common… (stop squeaky orthotics)

  1. lol – i clicked through to your wish list before i read this post… was curious to see what you wished… almost sent you the bottle opener (then remembered I dropped $600+ on show tickets today… with only $400 in the bank [tomorrow is payday])


    • Nice of you to look! I’m living on borrowed money myself. I did very well til that last few months. It was a long haul between jobs. I’ll get sorted (paid people back) in a few months. I think. Then, I have to rebuild my emergency savings, of which none survived.


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