Thomas Dolby for my birthday

I know, people are probably saying, ‘SCIENCE!’


classic by Edward Young

classic by Edward Young

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Robertson since I was erm, rather young. The Flat Earth spirited a barefoot, younger Lily away from the forests of the Ozark Mountains into Rainforests* — or strands of England**, even under the seas, in ‘One of Our Submarines (from the later Golden Age of Wireless).

As an adult, I got to revisit Europa with Eastern Bloc (with Eddie Van Halen in tow).

But to my mind? It doesn’t really get any better than Dolby+George Clinton.*** I mean, sheeitt! Somehow managed to get Mr. Clinton between stints in the pokey. Bless him.

...and your father

…and your father

Thomas Dolby né TMR is appearing in St. Louis (and roundabouts the US) supporting his latest multi-media joint, The Invisible Lighthouse. Since it’s currently not quite my birthday and that show is just after, I’m gifted with VIP tickets. Having never seen him live, I’m beside myself. I can’t decide if I should get shit-faced or not. Usually shit-faced is a good plan for birthday celebrations -yours, mine or surely it’s SOMEBODY’S but VIP means that poor bastard is going to come face to face with me. Having dealt with Mr. Clinton, surely he can keep his composure. I won’t.

God Bless Us, Everyone.

* That’s a much older man lip-syncing to much younger man’s song. Pretty cool, eh?

** The much younger man, doing his thing, which is remarkably close to what I’ll be seeing next month.

*** That’s the cleaned-up version. The original is ‘drop some bombs on Maggie Thatcher or Ronald Reagan,’ which spoke to my disenfranchised, poverty-stricken, yet news-reading and free-thinking younger self…Allegedly.


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