Weeping Angel (‘Don’t Blink’)

Had 30% off coupon. Couldn’t resist! Yes, those are my pink dayglo trainers (everybody at work hates them).

-sorry, it’s blurry but when you ask a coworker who can’t be bothered to stand up to take the photo… 🙂

Weeping Angel tshirt.jpg


12 thoughts on “Weeping Angel (‘Don’t Blink’)

  1. I love it! And what the fuck is wrong with pink trainers???

    Awesome teeshirt…really…I should get one just to drive my religious relatives nerts. 😛


    • Lily says:

      It’s a Doctor Who character first seen in ‘Don’t Blink’ epi.

      Brother came out before I left for work today, saw it and MOANED, ‘Oooooooohhhhh.’ I figured he was going to say, ‘How old are you?” Instead, he said that #2niece just woke with night terrors 2 days ago about the Weeping Angels. HAHAHAHAHA.

      Oh. Probably not cool to laugh but still. She’s 12.


      • How cool! I have to admit it…..(I’ve been staying quiet)…I dont’ know ANYthing about Dr. Who. I KNOW, right???
        I need to know where to begin and what to watch!
        I find the image incredible….how cool that they are bad bad news. 😉


        • Lily says:

          I grew up with Doctor Who, I think the 4th dr was when I came into it? When I moved out at age 15, between school and work (and partying) I didn’t have time for TV. They STOPPED making them at some point during my non-tv watching years. Then, they brought it back. I *started* the new ones a year late (which meant the 2nd NEW dr) but started at the beginning (meaning there was a new dr but I started on the one who’d just stopped doing it — crazy, huh?).

          That show has been on SO LONG!

          I don’t know how cool you can groove to the really old, goofy, dated stuff. To me, it’s fine because I grew up with it but it’s clearly laughably OLD. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you start where I did, in the 70s.

          Probably starting with the reboot (Chris Eccleston as dr), which lasted one season, then oh, crap…His name slips my mind but he’s FAB…I think the 10th official dr and he’s Scottish? Whatever. He’s really accessible and people still love him. Then, the next, Matt Smith is okay (I rather like him but some didn’t).

          The thing about the show is the drs ‘regenerate’ (die and are reborn looking different, which allows for another actor to take over). When they regenerate, they remember SOME things but not others. They have SOME characteristics that are similar but are meant to have different personalities. This way, the series has been so flexible!

          Of course, it’s meant for kids but I was a kid when I started! 🙂

          I pretty much only watch the Christmas Specials the last few years. DAVID TENNANT. That’s the one after Eccleston and before Smith. Damn. Came to me! 🙂


  2. I like it a lot, where did you get it? Is there anything on the front?

    I have a white tank top with angel wings on the back from the (now-gone) Aloha Angel Cafe in Hawaii. I like to wear it for yoga, because it makes me think light.


  3. Ooo, thanks for the Who info! I can check it out. I was an original Trekkie and talk about awful special effects! But, it was so The Thing!


    • Lily says:

      I’m a Trekkie (grew up with TOS but loved all except DS9 — tried watching it first-run, made it through 3 epis; tried watching again this year and made it into 2nd season before quitting…apparently, I have to BOLDLY GO, not sit around watching a space soap opera).



    • Lily says:

      Were you into Blake’s 7? or any other ones? I watched original BSG but honestly, it was terrible. Blake’s 7, I enjoyed but haven’t seen since the early 80s. Probably terrible. Red Dwarf, I highly recommend but realise it’s a spoof of TNG – sort of.


  4. Oooh, awesome! Lauri, I second Lily’s suggestion about starting in the ninth doctor (eccleston), and working your way through David Tennant (me and littlm swoons at him) and Matt Smith. It’s so much fun!


    • Lily says:

      Oh! I googled. My 1st doctor was the THIRD (Jon Pertwee) but I can also recommend starting with the 4th. He was *probably* the most-loved til the 10th.


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